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Finding the right resort to fit you and your family's needs is important. From lift ticket prices to average annual snowfall, let the interactive resort comparison page help you find the resort that's right for you.


Utah Areas 101

A snowstorm passes over the Great Salt Lake and picks up the perfect amount of moisture before dropping its fluffy dendrites on the Wasatch Mountains. The resulting Greatest Snow On Earth is what all 6 Ski Utah regions have in common.

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When the Snow Melts

Yes, our winters are legendary. But even if there's no snow, there are still the Wasatch Mountains and plenty of sunshine

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In this map, we're actually looking at the regions from northern Utah. All of the resorts face north for the most part, so this gives us the best view for this map, and also the best snow in real life.

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14 Resorts. 6 Areas. Unlimited Awesome.

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The Utah Experience

Here's six great reasons you should come to Utah.

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