4th Grade Fitness Program

The 4th grade Ski Utah Program has been in place for twenty years. In that time, Ski Utah has successfully introduced alpine snow sports to over 100,000 students who widely acclaim the trip to be the “best field trip” of the year.

Our goal is to promote an integrated educational approach by helping teachers correlate several aspects of the 4th grade curriculum with their field trip to the mountains. The Support Materials folder provides ideas and activities related to health and physical fitness as well as math, science, and even English – think “journaling the trip.” We hope teachers take advantage of the information we have pulled together.

The Support Materials also include a pre-ski and snowboard lesson that introduces many of the movement patterns the children will encounter on snow. That lesson is taught by a PE or classroom teacher, a parent with knowledge in alpine sports or a volunteer we send to school. Timing the lesson so that it’s about 7-10 days prior to the trip, plus encouraging some additional practice increases chances for success on snow. In addition, a preview of the activity often gives students a confidence boost that can help alleviate any initial trepidation.

The Video reviews equipment, nutrition and hydration and clothing options and demonstrates several of the ski and snowboard prep and pre-ski and ride exercises.

The Forms folder contains all the documents needed for participation. Teachers will be directed to download only the ones they need, but everything is there with a couple of exceptions. The Procedures folder includes FAQ’s, the power point presentation explaining the entire program plus contact information that teachers need prior to the field trip.

Students, teachers and parents participating in the program have provided much positive testimony to support this experience. Some of the kids have even gone on to teach or work at the resorts after high school. Take a look at what they are saying!
I love skiing and I want to do it again! At the end of the day, I was pretty proud of myself. My favorite part was trying to keep my balance when they stopped the conveyer belt thing.

For more information on winter sports in Utah, be sure to visit the rest of Ski Utah’s website at www.skituah.com. For great information on Winter Sports and children, visit www.winterfeelsgood.com.


Info and Support Materials

Sample Fitness Program
Helpful Hints for Fitness 2012
General Fitness Prep Exercises
Exercise List 2012
Dry-land Ski & Snowboard Lesson Plan 2012
Alpine Sports Fitness Game
Mt. Math Science
Math & Science Answer Sheet
Field Trip
How to Dress
Know the Code 2012.pdf


2012-2011 Wasatch Adaptive Sports Winter E-Packet
National Ability Center Participant Packet 2012
Snowbasin Adaptive Form
Ski Release Form 2012
Spanish Ski Release Form 2012
Snowboard Release Form 2012
Spanish Snowboard Release Form
Brighton Rental Form
Canyons Rental Form
Park City Rental Form 2012
Solitude Rental Form 2012
Sundance Rental Form 2012
Elementary School Invoice


Arrival Information for Ski Areas 2012
Contact Info 2012-13 Snowbasin and Sundance
Contact Information 2012-13 SLC
Program Organization and Procedures
Frequently Asked Questions 2012